By: Wade Webb

The Five Phrases Every Agent Needs To Use!

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realtor words have powerDid you know real estate agents every day are costing themselves tens of thousands of dollars in business by what they are saying or even what they are not saying? What we say, and what we don’t say and how we say it changes everything for agents and their business. This week we want to share with you the five proven statements every agent needs to use in their real estate business to generate more productivity. In real estate all agents have gifts, talents and personalities they think is enough and tend to push away from scripts, dialogs and techniques.

Many things you do every day is scripted like “Hello”? How is it going? How was your day? So why the push back? Think about this, whenever we go to eat out we are always greeted a certain way, asked if we would like something to drink and maybe a snack or appetizer to start things off. Again this whole process is a script and something quite natural and in fact we all come to enjoy and expect when we dine out. Right? So we want to share with you the five phrases you must use to get a buyer and seller to do what you want them to do.

Agents are going through the same activities every day but we all need to have a pattern disrupt and have the awareness to change up our daily patterns.

Many REALTORs are now saying online leads are not the answer and they don’t convert. So, why do I have an agent from Brazil who moved to North America and has been licensed only 8 months and has made almost $150,000 G.C.I. already from online leads?

I believe the words he is using and the way he is saying them has made all the difference in the world so let’s have a look at some of these words this agent is using to convert and get buyers and sellers to do what he wants them to do!

#1 Would you be offended if ...
Stop asking “can I come by” “is it ok tomorrow at 2?” Generally in sales most people naturally want to respond with the words “NO” so instead of asking the same old questions they respond with a “No” answer, try using the phrase “Would you be offended if I put in my day timer to call you Thursday at 10 AM?” their auto response NO actually means Yes to you and the appointment now. See the difference?


#2 Do you have anyone sending you a good deals?
Stop asking the question “are you working with another agent” to which they shut you down immediately. Instead start asking “Do you have anyone sending you the good deals?” to which they think to themselves “wait a minute, am I seeing all the good deals on the market?” Again see the difference?

#3  What whould need to happen for ...
By using this question we create different expectation for the clients and they now give you a list of actions they need to happen in order for them to do what you want them to do. For Example, “What would need to happen for you to buy a home today?” “What would need to happen for you to list with me today?” They in turn they share with you the things that would need to happen for them to do what you want them to do. See the power of this terminology?

#4 It's funny you are contacting me about ...
Someone is inquiring about one of your listings and you respond with “It’s funny you are contacting me about this listing.” This phrase automatically makes the client feel comfortable and feel like it was almost meant to be. The psychology of the phrase instills a feeling like it was supposed to happen.

#5 I'm going to be at this number for the next ...
When you are responding to people and wanting them to respond to you, you need to create deadlines and scarcity which makes them value your time and contact you back quicker and the thought is in their head of urgency. For example, “I am going to be at this number for the next hour”.

We are in the conversion and persuasion game and get paid accordingly to our conversion skills. We are looking for a thumbs up or a thumbs down from a client and nothing else. This comes from consistency, frequency and tenacity but more important the words you say and how you use them can be a game changer. If you are not converting then take the time to look at what you say and how you say it and implement the 5 phrases above and experience the difference! I dare you!

Strength and courage,

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