Introduction- Youssef Law Group

What does my Lawyer do for me?

When should I contact my Lawyer?

What do I need to get my file started?

When should I arrange for Utilities and Home Insurance?

Can I change my Closing Date?

How can I calculate how much money I need on Closing Day?

When & how should I arrange to meet with my Lawyer?

What if I am or am becoming a non-resident before closing?

How do Real Property Taxes work in New Brunswick?

Will HST affect my closing?

What happens on the closing date? When can I move in?

What if I am buying a mini home?

What if I am buying a condominium?

What if I am buying a new construction?

What if my mortgage includes money for renovations?

When & how do I receive my closing report?

What if I discover something wrong with the property after closing?